Free bulk email sender and verification software. Free bulk email sender and verification software.


Huge list of features in a family of software which run on the most widely used desktop operating systems.

The experience speaks for itself. Our team has utilized all our software development expertise into building Fastractor to ensure user-interface is not compromised for functionality. It is an easy-to-use, yet beautiful purpose built software.

Scrape data from Facebook, Google, Instagram & LinkedIn etc.

Fully Featured Software

Instead of buying, installing and struggling with many software, you can just use Fastractor to fulfil all your website scraping needs with zero hassle. Supports scraping from Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn out of the box. It's like data scraping on steroids.

In addition to being the all inclusive software for website scraping, it also runs on all major operating systems. Fastractor has an easy-to-use, beautiful and consistent user interface that allows you to use it on Windows 7 SP1 or higher.

Business Leads Warehouse

No doubt, Fastractor is one of the fastest software available in market for scraping data from websites. But that's not everything, it has many more built-in features that help you save your time ever more. Some highlights are given below:

  • Save your scraped data into built-in history and view it laters, anytime without need to search again.
  • Export your search results into friendly, xlsx files to open and tinker with in Microsoft Excel.
  • Easy repeat searches. Just select any of your search history, click Repeat and then Start to search again with same settings for new results.
Scrape data from Facebook, Google, Instagram & LinkedIn etc.
Easy to Install

It is just download, install and run. Takes less than a couple minutes to download and seconds to launch.

Manage Online

Purchase new licenses, see or renew existing licenses. All can be done from your online Fastractor account.

Use Everywhere

Use it on-the-go in your laptop or at your office workstation, change your license from one computer to other seamlessly.