Free bulk email sender and verification software. Free bulk email sender and verification software.
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#1 Scraping Software for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.

Fastractor is an all-in-one specialised website scraping software that aims to save your time in collecting leads from 12 major websites automatically.

Multiple websites, multiple locations, multiple keywords. That's the no. 1 app which runs on Windows 7 SP1 or higher.

User-friendly interface of Fastractor

Scrape the web, effortlessly

Fastractor includes 12 built-in scrapers which allow you to scrape real-time leads with verified contact details from popular B2B, social media websites with zero configuration.

How it works?

Just type in desired search term and simply click the Start button. It then itself does the rest.

Enter keyword

Type your desired search term or keyword, location and other parameters as per need.

Start search

Just click on the Start button when ready and it scrape data before you, like a magic.

Export to Excel

Save all your scraped data into friendlier, Excel files for further usage or sharing with team.

Unlimited usage

This are no limits imposed by the software on how much data you can scrape. Go limitless!

Common questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are answered below. If you do not find yours, reach us here.

If you are a sales or marketing professional having hard time finding leads then this software is what you need. It can scrape thousands of business leads in minutes for you take actions upon.
There are no imposed limits on how much data you could scrape using our software. But we request you to respect website limits do not stress out the server too much.
Fastractor is licensed on a per machine (PC or computer) basis. You can use one license on one machine at a time. If you use your existing license code on a new machine, it will automatically stop working on the older one. For simultaneous use on multiple computers, please purchase multiple subscriptions.

99.99% Satisfaction

Since inception, we have only been appreciated for being the best and most featured.

If I would have known such thing has existed earlier than now, I would had never missed a sales target. It's just amazing.

Disha Sarangi reviewed yesterday

This is the only tool that really works. Everything else is just useless. Kudos to Fastractor team.

James Patek reviewed 1 day ago

I can't believe how fast it is. It just extracted enormous data in minutes which would have taken myself days.

Ram Choubey reviewed 3 days ago

Namaste. Hi. Bonjour.

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