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Best Data Extractor for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.

Fastractor is the most advanced, specialised website scraping software that aims to save your time in collecting leads from major websites automatically.

Multiple websites, multiple locations, multiple keywords. That's the no. 1 app which runs on Windows 7 SP1 or higher.

Scrape data from Facebook, Google, Instagram & LinkedIn etc.

How it Works?

It is as simple as typing in your keyword and hitting the Start button. That's just it.

Enter Keyword

Type your desired keyword e.g., hotels or chemists etc. into the keyword input.

Search Results

Hit the Start button and site back, relax while it scrapes data right in front of you.

Export to Excel

Export your scraped results with all information into familiar, Excel files for later access.

Save History

Save the current search parameters and results into built-in history for later viewing.


Google Data Scraper

Using our Google lead extractor, you can scrape unlimited business listings on Google maps or places in a matter of minutes.

Easily save below data:

  • Business name and category
  • Phone number
  • Address and co-ordinates
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Email address
  • Facebook and other links
  • … and much more

Facebook Data Scraper

Using our Facebook lead extractor, you can scrape unlimited pages and places from Facebook in a matter of minutes.

Easily save below data:

  • Place name and category
  • Address and co-ordinates
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • … and much more

Instagram Data Scraper

Using our Instagram lead extractor, you can scrape unlimited follower data from Instagram users or hashtags in a matter of minutes.

Easily save below data:

  • User name and handle
  • Email address (from bio)
  • Phone number (from bio)
  • No. of followers and following
  • If private or business
  • … and much more

LinkedIn Data Scraper

Using our LinkedIn lead extractor, you can scrape unlimited users and connections on LinkedIn in a matter of minutes.

Easily save below data:

  • Profile name
  • Company and position
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Birthday and location
  • … and much more

Common Questions

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If you do not find yours, just hit us up.

Unlike other software in the market that require sound technical knowledge to make use of, Fastractor comes pre-configured for major websites. Using Fastractor, you can scrape data from Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.
Fastractor can run in both high-speed and throttled-down mode which is configurable via Settings. In most cases on a good PC with a fast internet connection, it scrapes upto 10X faster than other solutions in the market.
There is no such limit built into the software to allow you to scrape unlimited contacts. You will only be limited by your PC capabilities, internet speed and remote website's allowances.
Fastractor is licensed on a per machine (PC or computer) basis. You can use one license on one machine at a time. If you use your existing license code on a new machine, it will automatically stop working on the older one. Please contact us for detailed pricing based on required features.

Smart v/s Hard Workers

Join our family of thousands ambitious sales and marketing professionals who prefer to work smart over working hard.

If I would have known such thing has existed earlier than now, I would had never missed a sales target. It's just amazing.

Review by Disha Sarangi

This is the only tool that really works. Everything else is just useless. Kudos to Fastractor team.

Review by James Patek

I can't believe how fast it is. It just extracted enormous data in minutes which would have taken myself days.

Review by Ram Choubey

Namaste. Hi. Bonjour.

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